Virtual Showcase

Virtual Showcase Submissions

LPI Summer 2020 Virtual Showcase Information!

Join us this summer for our Virtual Talent Showcase! We may not be putting on a full production, but we would like YOU to share your talents with us! We invite you to take a look back at our past 24 shows and pick a song to perform, record a video, and share it with us. We will then share your video on our website and Facebook! We cannot wait to see all of you talented folks, virtually!


How does the virtual showcase work?

We ask that you prepare a video of a song from any of our past 24 shows, of you performing, including Singing, dancing, or playing an instrument. Or tell a story of a great experience you had being part of a LPI production! Please keep it fun and hip! We encourage humor, costumes, or even emotion, make it you!  You will then share the video with us via a YouTube Link and we will share to our LPI social media accounts along with our LPI Website.  Join us to celebrate Community Theater in Random Lake along with a walk down memory lane!

As part of the LPI Virtual Showcase, we also invite our volunteers…board members, set design/construction, painting, stage crew, costume, make-up/hair, parent patrol, etc. people to share the positive impact being part of an LPI show has done for them (video or written). We all know that a show cannot take place without all the incredible behind the scenes people!


How long can the video be?

We ask that the videos be about 2-3 minutes, and understand if they are a little longer based on the song choice.


How do I submit my link to share?

Please email us at OR Facebook messenger us!

Video Links will be accepted NOW thru then end of October 2020 and will be shared with our electronic means as often and as soon as we can, throughout the summer. 


What other information should I share with my link?

Feel free to give a small bio of yourself, Including: Song that you are performing, Years with LPI, other theater experience, what you do for a living, and how you are sharing or experiencing the arts this summer!  We will share this info to the public when we post.

Please also share that you are giving us consent to use the video, and if you are under age of 18, please have your parents share that info.

Feel free to let us know if you would like to be tagged on Social Media as well.

Is there any other information that I should know?

Your Virtual showcase Submission will count towards the "Years of Service Award" with LPI that is given out every five, ten, fifteen, twenty plus years.

Your showcase submission will also enter you in a raffle to win four tickets to LPI's 2021 show The Wizard of Oz (one raffle entry person, subject to availability, does not include spaghetti dinner dress rehearsal).

An LPI board member will be reviewing all videos prior to posting them. We do ask that all content is kept appropriate for all audiences, we are a family friendly, community theater organization!

Any further questions should be directed to OR Facebook messenger us!