Suellen Deyo Memorial Fund

The Suellen Deyo Memorial Fund is an initiative of Lakeshore Productions, Inc. (LPI) on behalf of longtime Board Member, actor, and friend of LPI, Bob Deyo, to donate a telecoil loop for the hearing impaired to the RLSD theater in the name of his late wife, Suellen Deyo. Read Bob's story below, the background for this initiatve, and consider a contribution to this fund to meet its goals.

Contribute to the Suellen Deyo Memorial Fund

"On the night of Sunday, November 28, my wife of 39 1/2 years, Suellen Deyo, went to sleep and woke up in the arms of Jesus. She had a heart attack and went quickly. Rather than purchase a plot of land, she was cremated, and I decided to create a Living Memorial for Suellen.

In the summer of 1996, three 19 year old college students decided to put on a play, "The Wizard of Oz". (I got the role of the Great Oz.) This theater company is now known as Lakeshore Productions Inc. in Random Lake, WI. This past summer we had our 25th season, using the Random Lake High School Auditorium. The theater group was founded on the principle that anyone trying out for a show will get a role. I'm one of four that has been involved in every show, and the only individual that has been on stage in all 25 shows. I've been on the LPI Board of Directors since the year 2000. Currently, I've been on stage in 114 plays and musicals in over 15 different area community theaters.

Recently, I learned from two hearing impaired friends that they don't go to see shows any more (as do many other hearing impaired people), unless that venue has a Hearing Loop. In a theater, as the actor speaks thru a microphone, the sound is routed thru a speaker and then into the auditorium. For people with hearing aids, there is a distortion of sound making it difficult for them to hear clearly what is happening on the stage. This is why many hearing impaired individuals have given up on public venues. The Hearing Loop is a wire that encircles the entire seating area, creating a "cone" or field. The technology is called a tele-coil or T-coil. On many hearing aids there is a setting labeled T, for T-coil. When they set their hearing aid on T and are in the "cone", the sound from the microphone transmits directly to the T-coil, enabling the wearer to hear clearly. For those that don't have the T setting, the theater is able to provide headsets for use.

Once I learned about the Hearing Loop, I knew that this should be used as a living memorial honoring Suellen. The Hearing Loop will not only be used by LPI but it will also be used anytime that the school district uses the auditorium. There will be a plaque in the theater letting people know this is a living memorial for Suellen. My hope is that this may also spark others to consider doing similar deeds helping our community. One of the reasons that I enjoy doing plays is because of the smiles that I help to put on faces. Will you help me to put a smile on the hearing impaired?

Thank you for your support,

Bob Deyo"

LPI is collecting funds to reach the fundraising goal for a telecoil loop to be installed in the school district, enhancing show and performance experiences year-round for community members using the auditorium.

For those who prefer to make a donation via check, please make checks payable to Lakeshore Productions Inc. and  mail them to:

Lakeshore Productions Inc.
c/o Suellen Deyo Memorial
PO Box 222
Random Lake, WI 53075

Lakeshore Production Inc. is a registered Wisconsin 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to inspire both children and adults to dream, explore, think and connect through either performing on stage or serving behind the scenes, while embracing diversity and maintaining our commitment to building an inclusive team representing a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, skills, and abilities.