25 Year Participant - Joe Horstmeier

The third 25 year member we would like to introduce to you is, Joe Horstmeier.  Whether it has been on stage as a performer, behind the scenes on stage crew, on the directing staff, or being a volunteer, Joe has been humbled to be a part of LPI for the past 25 years.  Read more about Joe and his wonderful memories from the past years with LPI below.

Do you remember how you first found out about LPI?

I don’t remember the specifics, but I do remember my Mom telling us that there was a show happening, and Victor Schueller was going to be one of the directors, so of course I wanted to join up.  I had been a part of a drama club at Epiphany School in Coon Rapids, MN, for a short time and I kind of caught the theater bug from that.

How were you involved in LPI’s first year?

I was a Munchkin, a member of the Lollipop Guild.

What do you love about LPI?

What I love about LPI has changed so much throughout the years.  At the start I was thrilled about having the ability to be on stage.  I was bitten by the theater bug pretty bad and loved the limelight.  As time went on, I just loved the ability to be a part of an activity like a theater production.  I loved being backstage and having some small part in watching a show grow.  Then I cherished the ability to attempt to lead and learn from an entire cast while directing.  Now I love the fact that we are still in existence in Random Lake, blessed with the ability to bring all that I have learned to anyone who walks through the doors.  Who knows how much more we can all learn and give back to the community.

How has your involvement changed throughout the years?

I have been a cast member, crew member, director, board member, and now board president.

How has LPI changed your life?

LPI has taught me some extremely important values such as confidence, humility, problem solving, motivation, commitment, teamwork, independence, adaptability, respect…this link just about sums it up, https://theatreanddance.appstate.edu/students/prospective-students/25-life-skills-learned-theatre

What is your favorite LPI memory?

I would have to recall opening night of Oliver.  I was looking out at the cast, all of their smiling faces, and I was so proud of all of them!  They had created something amazing, and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with joy and undeserving of being a part of such an outstanding group of individuals.

What is your favorite LPI show?

In no particular order…Joseph, because it was an awesome show.  Oliver, because I learned so much during that production.  Mary Poppins because portraying Bert was a dream role.  Music Man, because it was a dream show to produce.  Footloose, because it was just way too much fun!  I have friends for life from all of the shows.

Where do you hope to see LPI in the next 25+ years?

I would love to see LPI continue to drive passion for the performing arts, not only in Random Lake but the surrounding communities. I would love to see LPI help grow the Random Lake theater into a theater of the 21st century and be a destination for all theater lovers in the area and beyond.  Finally, I would love to see another generation of people touched by what this organization is passionate about. Allowing all members of the community to have the opportunity to experience and enjoy all that the arts can provide.