A message from Joe Horstmeier

Hello Everyone!

It has been far too long, and I hope everyone is safely enjoying this unprecedented summer. I would like to fill everyone in on what Lakeshore Productions has been working on since the summer is unfortunately not filled with you graciously spilling your talents all over the Random Lake community auditorium.

First off, I would like to note that Tom Berger, who originally signed on with Lakeshore Productions to be this summer’s Director and Choreographer has agreed to work with Lakeshore Productions all the way through to the end of next summer when we finally produce our 25th show, The Wizard of Oz. Tom is working with us as a consultant for the remainder of 2020 to help Lakeshore Productions be Random Lake’s community theater for the next 25 years and beyond. We are extremely thankful for all that he has already assisted us with, and we look forward to more of what this partnership has in store for both parties. I would also encourage you check out what Tom had to say in his own words!

Next I would like to bring your attention to Lakeshore Production’s Virtual Showcase! This is your chance to still perform, just safer! Even though this summer is not filled with rehearsals, and live performances, Lakeshore Productions would like to give you the opportunity to still show the world what you’ve got! But this isn’t just a chance for the performers to post, we want to hear from anyone and everyone who has ever been a part of a Lakeshore Productions show. Anyone from an usher, to a set builder, to a makeup artist, to someone who helped coral the children. We all have a story about community theater, and we would love to get that story out! And by the way, if you have been involved with Lakeshore Productions in the past, you know that we have a Years of Service Award. We want you to know, that if you post to the Virtual Showcase, it will count towards your years of service! We can’t wait to safely see you online! Find our more at the Virtual Showcase page.

We at Lakeshore Productions cannot wait to see you all face to face, or mask to mask again. And as long as Random Lake is still holds the Fall Family Fun Fest in September, and the Night of Lights in December, we will have a presence there! So please stop in, say hi, and let us know what you did this summer! We miss you, and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world to enjoy!

All the best,

Joe Horstmeier