LPI Summer 2021 Announcement

Hello Everyone!

The Wizard of Oz

March is here!  We here at Lakeshore Productions have been diligently working on what the next 25 years might look like. With the help of our wonderful board of directors, volunteers, 25 years of history and Tom Berger, we have a clear vision for our future. That future starts with the summer of 2021, as we have committed to move forward with our 25th anniversary production. That’s right, The Wizard of Oz will be returning to the Random Lake stage this summer!!!

We are very excited to see what Tom, you and all of our volunteers will bring to life this summer, and we cannot wait to see creativity brought back to life in our community after the interesting year we all just made it through. That being said, we will still be looking to the CDC for guidance and direction with all things regarding this lingering COVID-19 virus. This may be a unique audition and rehearsal process, as well as performances, due to what the CDC suggests.  Nonetheless, it will be a great performance due to the work, joy, passion and excitement Tom, you and the scores of volunteers will put forth.  Please watch for more updates in our email blasts, on all of our social media pages, and our website. 

See you soon!

Joe Horstmeier-LPI President