Sara Stout To Perform At Music in the Park June 27, 2024

MITP Performer Spotlight 1

As it was previously announced to the public, because of the Random Lake School
District’s major reconstruction project, Lakeshore Productions, Inc., has postponed its
summer 2024 musical, Fiddler on the Roof. As a way to stay active and in front of the
community, some LPI alumni will be performing at Music in the Park during the bands’
set breaks.

On June 27th , during the Shad Lads’ break, Lakeshore Productions alum Sara Stout will
be performing.

Sara Rathke Stout, a native of the Random Lake area, performed in the 2nd LPI show
in 1997, The King & I and then moved out of state for several years. After returning to
Random Lake, she joined the cast for South Pacific in 2014, performing with her
husband, Brian, and three of her four children. Sara performed in Willy Wonka in 2017
and then joined the LPI board of directors the following year. She directed two LPI
shows, Shrek, the Musical in 2019 and Annie Get Your Gun in 2022. Sara continues to
be active on the LPI board of directors, currently serving as the vice president. Sara is a
registered nurse and most recently works for the Random Lake School District as the
District RN.